Thompson Springs

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois supporting their new album, Standby, Thompson Springs is playing the Grotto at Dangerously Delicious. 810 W.36th Street. November 15, 2023 8PM. Free show. RSVP here.

Lonesome Dave Fisher

Bringing rockabilly and Texas music to the world – Austin TX transplant “Lonesome” Dave Fisher plays The Grotto Stage. More info at:

Daphne Parker Powell

Daphne Parker Powell’s singular Americana mélange includes a broad array of contemporary and classic inspirations that spans folk, country, vocal jazz, indie rock, and cinematic pop. Her words are pulled from an expansive well of literature and lyrical influences, from laissez-faire poets, satirists, and the beats, to feminists, and modern philosophers. No Depression described Daphne …

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