Pie People, What’s happening?

I’m Rodney Henry. I’m a father, Rock-n- Roller and I’d like to think good dude. I started Dangerously Delicious Pies in the Spring of 2003 in a former thrift bakery on a worn out corner of an East Baltimore neighborhood. It has changed quite a bit over the years, but it was a great spot to take a crazy passion and turn it into the super cool business that it is today which continues to evolve.

PIE-n- Rock-n- Roll is our mantra. Pie could help out paying for my Rock-n- Roll

because Rock-n- Roll wasn’t helping out much. It can be a cold bitch. I was always broke when I’d come home from a tour. I lived above a bar with a kitchen that wasn’t utilized during the day, so I would bake pies. First, baking pies for girls in hopes of getting a date out of the deal, it was the best. Girls would say, “Rodney, that’s so sweet. Nobody’s ever done anything like this for me. You ‘re so cute.” I was like a wolf in Pie Man’s clothing wearing jeans, cowboy boots and a wicked truck stop pimp mullet. I was a real sight to say the least.

Things started to pick up, and I started selling pies to a local Fells Point coffee shop. I just hustled enough pie to have beer money and pay for a date to a movie or something while I was off the road. It was working out pretty well.

I had this idea. I was heading out on the road for a couple months with my good friends, The Drive-By Truckers. I would bake 60 pecan pies, wrap them up tight, and have them at my merchandise table selling CD’s, T-Shirts, and pie. I thought this was a genius plan. However, I never sold one slice the whole tour. What did happen though, I was able to acquire top notch accommodations for the six of us traveling the country. We’d stay with some serious Rock-n- Roll-n- Pie fans. It was superlative. They always had great kitchens, and we were ready, willing and happy to help. I’d bake all of my fresh fruit pies in kitchens of super awesome people. I met so many folks that tour. I made real connections. We’d pass guitars, drink whiskey, and eat pie. It was great. That’s what pie does. Pie brings people together.

I can’t tell you the number of Rockers who would show up in Baltimore during tour and have little to no money. I’d always offer the opportunity to help me out in the kitchen for a few hours and hook them up with twenty or twenty five bucks to help them out a little. If you don't think 25 dollars is a big deal? Ask any road dog of a touring musician. Twenty five bucks is righteous, and on top of that, rolling out with a pie or two for their compadres. Bands were starting to take notice and spread the word. Pie was actually helping out, not only me, but other musicians. I was pretty darn proud of this. I wanted this to be a legit business, and it would be in due time.


You can’t go to a family get together without someone’s aunt, grandmother, cousin or somebody bringing a pie. Whether they have it covered in a plastic container, sitting majestically on top of a beautiful crystal pie stand, or freshly baked out of the oven under a kitchen towel. Everybody is always interested in the pie. Whether it's good or not. The chance to be able to talk smack about a family member's pie is priceless. Some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever heard are comments about a family member's busted up pie. The pies would all look wonderful, but looks can be deceiving. What can be deceiving is the amount of time and work that went into baking these pies. Somebody was elbow deep, putting in big time and effort, to bring a pie to you. That’s a special thing.

We bake our pies with the same amount of love. It sounds like a bunch of malarkey, but it's not. Our pie is 100% handmade with fresh ingredients. The folks you see baking your pies are not the folks you’d expect. They’re rockers, artists, musicians and people with a big love for pie. Pie crosses all boundaries, stereo types, and social economic status. Everyone digs pie and dangerously, delicious pies are some of the best out there.

I am fortunate to get the opportunity to be surrounded by the best supportive pie posse in the country. Every owner of each shop is like a family member. We spend a lot of time together making sure you get the best pie, sweet or savory, that we have to offer. My goal has always been to make Dangerously Delicious and Pie Style synonymous with excellence. We are constantly striving to attain this, and I think we do a fine job. We’re always working to be better and expand variety of offerings.

Well, enough ramblin’, this is the new Dangerouspies.com. My goal is to bring you all in closer to the pie family and bring a little more of us to you. We have loads of talented folks that are associated with Dangerously Delicious. We’re working on music, film and all sorts of art. Pie is an art form. Pie is helping produce some great creative work. I hope you find this new site accommodating, a little bit informative, but mostly fun. This business is really cool, and the reason it is that way is "You" telling your friends, coming to Pie shop shows, picking up pie, and sharing it with your posse. That’s what it’s all about. That’s Pie Style.

So when you are in D.C., Baltimore, or Detroit stop into one of our Dangerously Delicious Pie Shops and hang out, have a hunk of pie and a cup of coffee. Take your girlfriend, your kids, take whomever to share pie. Pie will spark up the conversation; I guarantee.

You all be cool,

Rodney Henry
Dangerously Delicious Pies


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